Immunisations and a poorly boy..

This morning I fancied a change for breakfast:



Our 1yo was due some immunisations this morning, he was particularly unimpressed by this until he was handed a punnet of blueberries at which point the tears thankfully subsided. Our 3yo however was still really crying when we were walking through the waiting room – doesn’t bode well for her preschool booster when it’s due!

On the way back we went for a drive so that the youngest could go to sleep although they both fell asleep as it happened! We drove past a castle which is over 750 years old. It used to be a prison and you can go down in to the dungeon and also up in to one of the towers:


We then drove past a local church which is well known in the area for reasons which are understandable when you see a photo!



The trees are really coming out in to leaf now which made for a beautiful drive home!


Lunch was chicken salad:


After lunch I had a mountain of washing to put away so our au pair played with the children:


Supper was fishcake with wedges and veg.


Our 1yo has been really struggling since his imms, he’s settled now – very asleep,  breathing nice and normal and he’s less hot too!  Fingers crossed for a good night!


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