Upping the milage and time running

The days when I would think nothing of going out for a 10 mile run seem such a long time ago – it’s not in fact, it’s only 14 months.  Today I upped the anti though – ran more, ran up hills I’d normally run/walk up and the  extended the run at the halfway point with a huge hill that climbs 250-300ft in a quarter of a mile. The subsequent run back down again (and the time afterwards when I kept running) meant I ran for 11 minutes straight – definite improvement!! Unfortunately the gps on the app was playing up and it told me I did 2.5 miles in 17 minute miles which is very different to the 3.5 miles (ish, haven’t measured the extension yet but I think from when I measured it before it was that kind of distance extra) that I did in 49 minutes! Still averaging 14mm but there were some HUGE hills in there!!

Breakfast was poached eggs on toast:


After school/nursery drop off and the supermarket run I came home and had this for lunch – inspired by a blog post I read yesterday! The salmon is wild alaskan (and isn’t the colour amazing compared to farmed?!) and the eggs/spinach are both organic:



I was meant to go to a follow up appointment this afternoon following my op – I got over 30 minutes towards it (the hospital is 50 minutes away) and my husband rang to say the windscreen wipers on the car he was going to pick up the children in didn’t work anymore – in torrential rain. I needed to go to nursery to get the children and drove past him on the way picking up our 4 year old, au pair and our 3yo’s monkey that she’d left in the car ready waiting for her for when she got back in! He was tucked up in a handle waiting:


She was THRILLED when she spotted him!

Supper was courgettes and tomatoes topped with porcini ravioli.  The ravioli was really filling, I only ate 3..


When I came upstairs we saw what the tractor had been up to in the field,  eat your heart out Wimbledon!!



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