Running, friends, pizza and jigsaws

This morning our 4yo really wanted to come running with me – so off we went! She did really well, we went 1.1 miles which is a long way when you are 4! There was a lot of walking and the running was really slow (she has considerably shorter legs though so it was probably quite fast for her!) but she was thrilled with herself!


Breakfast was boiled eggs :


I was chatting to a friend on Facebook who said she happened to be off work – this lead to a wonderful impromptu lunch! She is Godmother to our youngest so it was nice for her to see him too!  It only dawned on me though when I finished chatting to her that it was the end of the week in terms of food shopping and the fridge wasn’t well stocked. The one thing we always have though is mozzarella so we made pizza – with help from our 3yo!


There’s only one thing you can do while waiting for dough to rise 😉



It’s a good job dough needs an hour to rise, they did it again and again and again!

Lunch was pizza – the garlic bread was snaffled in its entirety by our 1yo!


Supper was pasta bake – I forgot our 4yo really doesn’t like breadcrumbs on things and she has now mysteriously gone off peas. Supper was therefore a fail in her eyes! 😉


The gerbils had had fun though – the children all love watching them digging their tunnels! We have a very large aquarium that we weren’t using and a friend suggested a gerbilarium!  One small bale of peat later we were good to go!


They dig a different tunnel network each day which results in some very varied layouts for them – and some amusing ones too sometimes!



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