Play in the park

Breakfast was pancakes this morning. There is a downside to cooking everyone else’s pancakes first – sometimes mine are on the small side!


This morning the weather forecast assured me that it wouldn’t rain until 2. Assuming, to be safe, that meant 1 we headed out this morning to a local national trust that has a lovely play park in:



Unfortunately the weather forecast was not correct and there was a constant fine drizzle – not enough to bother you that it’s raining but enough to get you surprisingly wet! When we went in to the cafe the lady serving us had just finished decorating a chocolate fudge cake – this cheered up the small people enormously, along with my husband too!

Lunch was vege fingers and salad sandwiches – despite there being two on the plate only one of these was for me, the other was snaffled (as usual!) by our 1yo!


It’s my birthday this week and our 4yo wanted to make me something so I was asked to go! Judging from everyone’s hands afterwards I guess they all helped.. 😉


Supper tonight was sausages and Yorkshire puddings followed by homemade rice pudding.  I love homemade rice pud and haven’t made one for months but really fancied it yesterday!


Before going in the oven:


Ready to eat:



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