Leaf painting and moving forwards

I didn’t get to sleep until gone 1:30 and our 3yo woke me at 5:50 by patting me on the face harder and harder until I opened my eyes – there are many beautiful things about co-sleeping but having a talking and wriggling alarm clock next to your head is not one of them. Especially when it kicks you in the eye with a foot.

I had arranged to go running with one of the other women from book club so pottered about for 40 minutes and then headed out of the door to meet her. The children had all been awake for some time and had particularly enjoyed watching three huge rabbits on the bottom lawn – they all scarpered when I headed out of the kitchen door! The run was wonderfully head clearing – the sound of footstep following footstep and the satisfaction of pushing through the “this is hard” thoughts!




Breakfast was eggs on toast:


The girls were happily sat on a window seat in the lounge for this time watching a Partridge:


Following a lot more talking with our au pair we then had quesadillas for lunch:


The weather has continued to be grotty this afternoon so we did some leaf painting with leaves collected at the National Trust we went to at the weekend:


They really enjoyed it!

Supper was stew, dumplings and mash:


Early night beckoning I feel…


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