Book club – The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce

Breakfast this morning was scrambled eggs on toast:


This morning turned in to one of those mornings. Days actually. Driving to nursery the fuel light came on. I dropped off the children to nursery but didn’t have enough time to get fuel before dropping our 4yo off to school.  School drop off done I headed in to assembly (which was lovely as my 4yo’s class were showing pictures and singing a song they’d learnt!) and then got in to the car to go to the doctors – a 10 minute trip which I had 15 minutes to do. 10 of those were spent sat waiting outside the school while the biggest flatloader I have ever seen was trying to reverse in to the road. Now being 5 minutes late I, again, didn’t have time to get fuel. After the docs I had some jobs to do in town, all of which were unexpectedly complicated. I then went to our new school to give them a cheque to secure their places, hand in some forms and arrange settling in days. This had its’ advantage as the administrator had found an old blazer in her size to add to the uniform she had already given me which will be very useful for her settling in days! The school car park faced up hill. If I had had any sense I would have turned the car round but I was just in such a rush to get home that I just didn’t think. This meant all the fuel sat at the back of the tank while I was inside and it refused to start. I managed to coast it backwards and turn it round (and of course the breaks are heavy when the engine is off and the steering is too) and thankfully it started.  Going up a hill though in town it did a huge cough and lost power (so it seemed anyway) so I pulled in to a nearby doctors in case it ran out – not good with diesels and I didn’t have time to wait for a recovery truck to come and get me going! Walking to a garage and back to get fuel took just over 40 minutes but I was at least back on the road! I needed to call in to a garage to get an aerial for the radio but the person I needed to see had gone to lunch less than 10 minutes earlier and no one else there could help as the bill hadn’t been priced up yet. I headed on back home, had a quick catch up with my husband and then made lunch for my husband, our au pair and myself. I headed in to the sitting room to just sit and relax with a magazine while eating and checked my phone to see how long I had to eat before I left at 2.00 – the clock said 2.07.

Lunch, albeit now shoved in bags to eat at some point, was a sandwich and strawberries:


I managed to eat it sooner than expected simply because after driving just 2 miles down the road I came to some temporary roadworks with a stop sign in our direction. Likewise the stop sign was showing for the cars in the other direction. 20 minutes later the tree surgeon (who was in a tree over the road) had cut down all the bits of tree he needed to and it was safe to drive through so, while I had been able to eat my sandwich, I now couldn’t go to the supermarket to get something I’d forgotten earlier. Nursery pick up done I dashed back to school to collect our 4yo before going back to the garage again. When I went in there were now 4 people waiting – one of whom was a friend waiting to pick up their camper van. It was nice to catch up – especially to hear about their book which is being published! They run a company providing personalised name gifts and do all sorts of alphabet letters to make name pictures,  on the day of your birth pictures, Russian doll family pictures – she’s a very talented lady! All can be found at

By the time this was all sorted it was nearly 4:30 and my 3yo had fallen asleep. On getting home she was, understandably, tired, grumpy and fed up with the world. Frankly I understood exactly how she felt! I needed to get started on making dough for pizza though as we had lots of friends due to arrive at 8 for book club. Everyone else ate while I made pizza, wedges, salad, mozzarella and tomato with green pesto sticks and generally got things straight. To top off a bad day our au pair told us she wasn’t happy with us and wanted to leave – we found out the following morning the reason for this was she had decided that she did not want to drive because her confidence was very low and that she wanted to therefore be in a city where there was more of a social scene. I have some wonderful friends in book club who just stood and listened when they arrived – I don’t think I drew breath for 10 minutes. I am very grateful to them for it though, the advice they offered made a lot of sense and, subsequently, I was able to have a wonderful evening! The book we discussed was The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce and it was a super book, provoking a discussion that lasted over 2 hours!

Supper was this:


My husband and I stayed up talking until gone 1 – not a lot of sleep was had!


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