Language school for our au pair sorted!

We were lucky enough to be given some eggs yesterday from a friend’s chickens – they were tiny!!


Breakfast was some porridge with apple/strawberry puree and then poached eggs on toast!



This morning we had to go to enrol our au pair at her language school.  She did really well and is starting next Monday! The assessor said that they have other students from her country at the language school which our au pair was really pleased about!

Lunch was a jacket potato. I asked for the cheese and coleslaw to be on the side and I’m glad I did having seen some of the other potatoes!


This was how much of the sides were left:


Supper tonight was couscous with salad and garlic bread. Our au pair hadn’t ever had garlic bread before but absolutely loved it!


After all the small people had gone to sleep I finally got out for a run! I regretted not drying my kit last night though as it was beautiful weather first thing this morning and sheeting rain with lots of headwinds this evening 😦 I hadn’t switched the app on for the first half a mile so it was 3 miles in the end, done in 41ish minutes – I was able to run much more tonight, as shown in the last picture,  I’ve taken off the altitude line to make the speed clearer!




It’s getting there!! 🙂


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