A beach in the kitchen!

Breakfast today was pancakes – our 4yo has decided that she needs to eat a good breakfast every day to train for sports day. This morning she requested (and ate!) Porridge, pancake and scrambled egg! I just stuck to pancakes 😉


I hadn’t been organised to do an online shop so I went up to waitrose instead this morning. With 1yo and 3yo in tow. I know people go to supermarkets all the time with their children but frankly it would have been easier to take 2 goats. On speed. Back to the online shop next week!!

When we got back, lunch was a ham salad baguette:


It’s been really raining here today so before school pick-up we had lots of fun with a picture of a fire engine I found on an online colouring pages website, some glue and red squares of paper:


They then turned the kitchen table in to a train with the help of a duvet cover over the table and our 3yo announced they were off to the beach! Buckets, spades and shapes were produced and they played for ages pretending to make sandcastles – even our 1yo was really getting in to it! Who knew slate floor could be so much fun!

Supper was chilli lasagne with wedges and green beans:




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