A friend now hates me after I took her running.. ;)

Breakfast this morning was boiled eggs:


This morning I needed to go to a supermarket with our au pair so she could show me the veg she liked and the ones she really doesn’t. There are lots she likes thankfully and the ones she doesn’t are easy to work with!

Lunch was a cheese sandwich with fruit:


Our 4yo came bouncing out of school really excited to tell me that she’s gone on to new reading books at school but that she’s doing so well she’s actually gone up two levels and has skipped one level entirely! She was so thrilled to tell me – and also to tell me there is a school trip to the aquarium next week also for her class. Both of these overwhelmingly exciting things were enough in her eyes to cancel out the fact that today she’d lost the another school jumper which is now 3 in 4 months. Despite them all being labelled the first two have never been found – annoying given one was lost on its first day and the other was only a week old. It would be nice if they were found but on the bright side it’s getting warmer now and we’re changing school in September to send them to a private school so hopefully she’ll hang on to enough to get through to the end of term!

It was not only our 4yo who had good news today – we found out the car we looked at over the weekend will be ours! It’s a Land Rover Discovery 3 and is absolutely beautiful!  With only 47, 000 miles on the clock it has a lot of life in it yet but it also has 7 seats in it which means we can all fit in the car when we go out! We’re picking it up at the weekend, very exciting!

Supper was fajitas tonight but I forgot to take a photo!

After the children had gone to bed I went out running with a friend, she hasn’t run before but did really well! I don’t quite know what was up with my gps though as we certainly didn’t do the return mile in 11 minutes and also my phone thought it was only half a mile back, oh well! Encouragingly, I found tonight really really easy with the extra walking which shows how much I have progressed and was a nice recovery run!





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