Church and one week in to potty training

One week in today! She did a huge wee in the potty this morning and had an accident this afternoon and evening but the frequency is decreasing and she’s now giving me 2 seconds notice before she wees so the awareness is coming!

Breakfast this morning was just some toast:


My 4yo and I went to church this morning, the sermon was about being a host and also how to be giving and hospitable, quite apt given the arrival of our au pair this week! Lunch was ciabatta with peppers/aubergine/courgettes/garlic and topped with mozzarella. It was lovely and our au pair really enjoyed it too:


It’s been beautiful weather this weekend so we played out in the garden for a while this afternoon and also made a start on party invitations for our 4yo’s birthday party!

Supper was chicken and veg pie with roast potatoes, carrot and swede mash, brussel sprouts and broccoli followed by crumble. I think I got to eat half of my main meal (the children were tired and grumpy, we were eating late) and a quarter of my crumble! (our 4yo and 1yo polished off the rest between them)



I found 2 photos today, one taken in August and the other taken at the end of September. I cried, I have put so much weight on since the car crash in December – I’ve faff-arsed around for the last month when I could have made more of an effort although I have worked hard at the running so that’s good. I’m going to do an update post in the morning but here are the photos I found for now:



I had a 28 inch waist in these pics and was in size 8 jeans. Tomorrow I am going to get the photos printed (un cropped versions!) and hang them where I keep my running things to remind me why I am doing this.


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