Broken the 3 mile mark with running!

We got back from the airport at 2:30 this morning, I was so tired by that time! Our au pair is lovely but she has been very homesick today – thank goodness for skype as she can talk very easily to her family!

Breakfast this morning was scrambled eggs:


This morning I went for a run while our au pair was unpacking her things. It has been a week since my last run – with preparing for our au pair’s arrival time has been tight! This morning though I managed to do 3 miles which was much better than the 2 I’ve done before but it also means I can run a circuit and it’s really hilly too which is great! I’m able to run for longer periods now before walking again but now I want to work on upping the running part of it further so that I’m walking less and less before I start trying longer circuits!




(Blue line is altitude, white is speed)

Lunch was pasta salad:


Supper was ratatouille with jacket potato:


Bedtime is a long process tonight – the girls went to sleep quickly but our 1yo has developed a love for a new tiger we bought and, when I went in he was banging it against my husband’s face while making kissing noises. . The kitchen may be waiting a while 😉


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