Potty training day 4

Starting to see a good improvement! I think it’s easier at home simply because I only have 2 children and I’m able to really focus on her! We’ve had more wees on the potty but still a lot of puddles but it’s early days!

Breakfast was just a simple bread roll – we buy them part baked and finish them in the oven!


Our 4yo was particularly excited to go to school today as she wanted to tell everyone that I am going to the airport tonight to pick up our new au pair! The school is a lovely local village school, the same one I went to as a child!



The weather was absolutely beautiful today so we have spent a lot of time out in the garden:





Lunch was a ham and salad sandwich:


Supper hasn’t really happened – I came up to the airport early as the lady who tidies my dreads lives 20 minutes from the airport. It made sense being as it is a 300 mile round trip to see her and I come up every 3 months! I left home as soon as I had dropped our 4yo back from school and drove straight to her house without stopping. It was just after 9pm by the time she hsd finished working her magic with a crochet hook so I wasn’t really hungry any more. I’m now sat in the airport (11pm) waiting for our au pair’s plane to land – she’s due in any minute! It’s most likely to be after 2:30am before we get home so we’ll both be very tired but I’m looking forward to meeting her and getting to know her over the coming days! Ooh, the flight info for her flight has just changed to landed, hopefully she won’t be long getting all her bags!  🙂


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