Potty training day 2

Ok, we’re showing signs of improvement! We’ve still gone through 10 pairs of pants but she managed 2 wees on the potty this afternoon which were both as a result of frantic running to the potty saying I need a wee! She’s doing brilliantly 🙂

Breakfast this morning was a crumpet, I think everyone likes them differently – I like them quite well done so they’re really hot right the way through and the bottom is crunchy:


Lunch was a bean burger – nice because these ones are quite hot! The little round thingsbare potato rostis



Cabin fever was setting in a bit this afternoon so I dug some egg boxes out of the recycling and set them in front of our 1yo and 3yo along with some paint!



We then moved on to hand painting:


Followed by arm painting before going back to the egg boxes again:


They both really enjoyed it! Thankfully it’s all washable paint so comes off clothes, hands, arms, faces, hair, tables and the floor really easily! 😉

Our 4yo had a friend over after school – everyone had a great time playing! Supper was sausages (with obligatory sausage raiding by our 1yo!), jacket spud and baked beans:


I think potty training is a lot for our 3yo to take on board – she’s shattered again tonight and has fallen asleep again in a matter of seconds after getting in to bed, first paragraph of the story tonight!


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