Potty training day 1..

The time has come to start potty training our 3yo. Having read it takes between 3 and 12 months for a child to become dry we figured we ought to make a start while she still has 4 months to go before transferring to her new nursery! She chose her own potty and pants to help make her feel more in charge of the process rather than something that is being done to her. She has been showing signs of physical readiness for some time but not psychological readiness – we’ll give it a week and review from there. Today wasn’t, reassuringly, a complete disaster – fair enough we worked through nearly 10 pairs of pants but she did manage one wee on the potty – and promptly burst in to tears when I whooped with praise, oops!! Onwards and upwards – hopefully tomorrow will be easier!

Breakfast was toast with peanut butter and an apple:


Lunch was a ham + salad sandwich:


Given our dining room and kitchen have slate floors I tried to keep the girls in these two rooms this afternoon to make mopping up easier and they had a great time making lots of different things with the chairs – here they were on a bus with the door handle being used as the steering wheel!


Supper tonight was one of our 4yo’s favourite – lasagne! Served with our 3yo’s favourite (garlic bread) and our 1yo’s favourite veg (carrots). 3 happy children all round and 2 happy parents therefore as we got to eat as much as we wanted of our food, a rare treat!



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