TGI Friday!

Ahhh, weekend tomorrow! We’re off on a lovely family day out tomorrow for our 3yo’s birthday treat and also buying her a new potty – potty training is starting on Sunday!

Breakfast this morning was boiled eggs:


We needed to leave the house earlier than usual this morning – usually we leave at 8:30 and do the school drop off first and then go to nursery or playgroup. This means on nursery days we’re not getting home until almost 5 which makes it quite challenging to cook. In September we’re changing school so we’ll have to leave home at 8 so I’ve changed the nursery hours on Friday so we drop off at nursery first – it will give us some practice at leaving earlier and also means I can go to the celebration assembly which, this term, has changed to Friday morning!

Usual Fridayness ensued with appointments, hastily grabbed lunch and then physio before dashing off to nursery to pick the younger two up before school pick up!


Supper was a variation on the mozzarella dish I did recently that we weren’t keen on. This one had roasted cherry tomatoes (dressed with crushed garlic and thyme), toasted pinenuts and fresh basil. I added in some mozzarella balls as an extra flavour:


It really wasn’t that good, I think I’m going to abandon trying to make pasta dishes involving tomato and mozzarella – unless it’s a cold (and therefore raw!) pasta salad – now THAT might be worth a try with some green pesto on the pasta, yum!


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