Rose Veal and another birthday!

The last 2 weeks of April and all of May are crazy for birthdays in our family – we have 9 immediate family birthdays! When I told my parents we were having our 3rd baby we were told under no circumstances could he be born in May!! (He waited until our 4th wedding anniversary in July instead!) Today it was the turn of our (now!) 3yo to have her birthday! This was the cake I made for her to take to nursery:


When I went back out of the dining room the girls were happily playing with their new tea set:


5 minutes later our 4yo came in ready for breakfast but our 3yo decided birthday cake was the way forward, had pulled out a chair and was munching the chocolate buttons as fast as she could!

Breakfast for me meanwhile was poached eggs:


A busy morning of admin on the business followed, after which we had quesadillas for lunch:


Once that had settled in my tummy for an hour I went out for a run.  My pelvis doesn’t seem to be getting any worse thankfully for running (my physio is really helping!) and, while the steroid shot has had no effect (I’m now back to where I was pre injection) it doesn’t seem to be making it worse while I’m running. I did 2 miles today, building up! It’s so good to be back out again, getting back knowing I’d pushed myself (my muscles were reminding me of this!) and knowing I’d gone further than last time!


Supper was veal, untypical in this country and, historically, a controversial choice because of the cruelty involved in the rearing of the calves. I am someone who swings between vegetarian, vegan and back to eating meat (I don’t like the process of both the rearing or slaughter but unfortunately I like the taste) and at the moment I’m eating meat and some dairy. I buy organic out of preference because I know at least the care given to the animal is higher and the animal has been exposed to less antibiotics/drugs which remain in the meat.

So, back to veal.  Veal calves were traditionally raised in complete darkness to preserve the whiteness of the meat and flavour. Thankfully, in the UK, this has been banned. However, to preserve a cow’s ability to be milked she must calve each year (I’ll save a rant on this for another day 😉 ) and, while the female calves join the herd to carry on the cycle, most males are slaughtered. The male calves are now starting to be reared for veal, being slaughtered between 8 and 12 months old. Importantly, they’re outdoor reared.

The veal escalopes were dipped in flour, then egg and then fresh breadcrumbs:


They were cooked in a frying pan on a medium heat for 2-3 minutes on each side and served with a jacket potato and salad:


The nursery had saved a large wedge of cake for us so pudding was birthday cake!


It was the first sugar I have eaten in 5 days so it will be interesting to see how I feel tomorrow!


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