Train tracks in the garden and a friendly pheasant!

Breakfast was back to boiled eggs again:


This morning our 4yo and I went running! I turned the tracker app off after 0.94 miles as we’d been walking for quite a while by that point and she was enjoying looking at all the hedgerow flowers, birds in the sky and sheep in the fields with their lambs. She really enjoyed it and I did too, it was an amazing thing that she’s now a little person who can come out with me on things like that!

Lunch was a fish burger:


After lunch we noticed that the tame pheasant was waiting by the kitchen door!


This afternoon we needed to cut the grass in the garden. Our garden is over 4 levels/areas and we’re blessed enough to have an orchard and an outside heated swimming pool too. Our last house had minimal garden being right in the very centre of a small village so we adore the garden here and the children do too! The downside though is it takes a long time to cut it all – today I did something on the lower bit by the orchard that my father used to do for me and mowed a train track in to the lawn! They loved playing in it and ran around it for over an hour! This, thankfully, gave my husband enough time to cut 2 of the other lawns!



Supper was pizza and salad which was very simple as I had frozen the pizza when I’d made the chilli pizza recently!



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