Nut/seed pancakes and Ox cheek stew!

I love nut/seed pancakes, they have a wonderful earthy taste! To make, add a tablespoon each of wholegrain organic spelt flour, organic white flour, ground mixed seeds and ground almonds. Add an egg:


Mix and then add enough milk to make a batter:


Cook on a medium heat, taking care not to let them burn:



This morning was usual Friday,  I had a doctors appointment about my shoulder (yes, it is a steroid flare and a nasty one at that but should resolve within 48hrs) and then on to physio with enough time to eat lunch in between! 

Salad, chicken thighs, raspberries and sparkling water:



Supper tonight was stew made with ox cheek. It’s a wonderful cut, very tasty and is perfect for stew because it needs slow cooking. It is also vety cheap – 540g cost me £2.53, I would have paid much more for conventional stewing cuts!

Just about to add the dumplings:


20 minutes later,  served with mashed potatoes!


You can see how much the meat has broken down, it is so tender!


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