1st time out running and a steroid shot in my shoulder

Breakfast this morning was eggs on toast! I cook them slowly – in a similar way to poached eggs! By taking the pan off the heat they don’t go burnt and crispy underneath:


This morning I had a steroid shot in my shoulder. I really hope it helps. I’m also now four weeks post op and my physio thinks slowly upping my core strength and starting running will help my pelvis. I haven’t run for 14 months so am a long way from being able to run a half marathon again but today I took a big step towards that by getting out there!

Setting off down the drive:


I did 1.5 miles in 21 minutes (14 minute miles.. That’s bad!) but onwards and upwards, next time there will be more running and less walking I hope! This was the few running back up the last bit of the drive:


Lunch was some leftover lasagne and salad:



Supper was quesadillas:


I think I have a steroid flare at the moment, the pain is pretty intense at the moment, it should settle within 48 hours apparently, fingers crossed!


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