Thomas trains and mushroom pie

My shoulder was incredibly painful last night meaning I had less than 3 hours sleep. When the children got up I took some toast up to the bath to see if the water would help:


This morning we headed in to a local city (relatively, it’s 45 minutes just to the outskirts!), stopping at a cafe on the way! The cafe has a Thomas train which runs around a track near the ceiling and the children all loved it!



We managed to get everything done quickly so were back home in time for lunch:


We spent a lot of time this afternoon playing nursery rhymes on a recorder (well, I did but I had great and enthusiastic accompanying!) before tackling 2 more boxes. We have been living here for 4 months and we’re still drowning in boxes making slow but steady headway with the unpacking.  We’ve got to the more difficult stuff now in that it’s not everyday stuff but stuff we do need! If we did a box a day we would still be going almost in to June. Still, 2 less to do now!

Supper tonight was roast garlic mushroom tarts and they were lovely!

You need:
Filo pastry
Portobello mushrooms
2 garlic cloves per person
Melted butter.

Arrange pastry in to miniature flan dish (or similar). Add raw mushroom, a little melted butter and some crushed garlic. Cook at 180ºC for 20 minutes:



Followed by a small bowl of apple and blackberry crumble! Lots of please may I have some more from the children over this pudding!



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