A very easy and quick microwave cheese sauce!

Breakfast this morning was boiled eggs and toast!


We are looking for another au pair at the moment and needed to take some photos to show typical roads near our house. The first is the mile long lane that leads to our house (we are the end of the lane) and the second is about half a mile before the crossroad. Our next au pair is going to be terrified of our roads lol


(Yes, that is grass in the middle of the road!)


Busy morning in town doing lots of catching up, I suddenly realised the time was nearly 1:00 so grabbed this. Diet fail.


Supper tonight was macaroni cheese but instead of making a roux like I would usually I made it in the microwave instead:

Pour 3/4 pint (426mls) in a microwavable jug. Add 1 1/2 oz (42g) of both flour and butter.


Microwave for 2 minutes; stir.


Microwave for 2 further minutes, stirring after each one.


Add some cheese and stir until melted then add to pasta. Pop under grill for 5 minutes



Pudding was jelly and icecream in some new moulds!


First one came out well:


These are the remaining train, dinosaur and teddy.


Nailed it.

Onwards and upwards with the diet, back on track tomorrow – finding it hard to motivate myself, I’m waiting to start running I think but is that juat an excuse? On to tomorrow. .


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