So so tired today

So this morning I decided I had rested up long enough and that today was the day to stop taking painkillers and crack back on at full speed. This was slightly necessitated by the waitrose shop being delivered this morning so the kitchen needed to be cleaned properly before I left and also our council not having Easter refuse collections clearly marked on their website so all the recycling needed to be sorted too. We are passionate about recycling everything we can so in two weeks we completely fill 3 boxes (plus a bag for cans and a bag for paper) and that’s even with separating everything and crushing it all as small as possible!

Breakfast, therefore, was on the hoof this morning – not something I do often as it’s really important to us to sit down together as a family twice a day at least. It’s something I appreciate we’re fortunate to be able to do and something we couldn’t have done when we both worked shifts, possibly why we appreciate it all the more now!


The rest of the morning was filled with nursery drop off, getting the online shop delivered, cleaning the fridge and unpacking the shopping and hoovering most of the downstairs – by the time I’d done 6 rooms it was starting to make me quite sore so the rest can wait til tomorrow (or the next day lol). In and amongst this I was colouring with our 4yo and building a train track with her. Phew!

By the time lunchtime came around I was starting to feel very sore and tired – the natural assumption would be to think hey, you had a 5.5hr op 12 days ago, maybe take some painkillers and rest. I am a Taurus though. So I kept going.


We had a friend come over this afternoon with her daughter. The girls had a great time playing outside in the garden with chalks, they love doing this and can spend a long time drawing all sorts of things!


An hour and a half later it was time for us to head back to nursery via Argos to buy a new washing line! Pickles collected we headed home for a round of playing and cooking supper until my husband finished work. He headed outside with them all at that point to put the new washing line up!


The part of the garden it’s in is on one side of the house meaning it catches wind from two directions! It also doesn’t obscure any views of the house, it’s a 16th century farmhouse – of a type called a Devon Longhouse and is just beautiful. We’re here for 3 years and enjoying every day of it! Once supper is on the table, I ring the bell to bring everyone in. The rope comes in to the dining room and is connected to the bell tower on the top of the house. Makes it an easy way to let my husband know supper is ready and can be heard all over the farm/orchard so they can play anywhere and still hear me calling them! It also, I hope, will create some magical childhood memories for them! Supper, when we got to it, was cottage pie with green beans and carrots, we love traditional English food!


By this time I was incredibly sore and desperately tired but, still Taurean, I refused to take painkillers. Having now bathed the children and put the girls to bed while my husband put our son to bed I am now conceding that maybe I need to give myself a break and go down for some painkillers. Break neck speed can come next week… 😉


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