Supper – sausages and orange squash cake!

Sausages are always popular here! It’s important to me that the sausages we buy are outdoor reared and have as high a meat content as possible. Our 4yo wanted Yorkshire puddings to go with them – of which I was more than willing to oblige!

I have Yorkshire blood in me so Yorkshire puds are something I enjoy making and use a long handed down recipe,

Per person:
1 egg
1oz flour (28g)
1.5oz milk (50ml)

Heat oven and roasting tray with a little goosefat/sunflower oil. When everything is really hot then pour batter into roasting dish (opinion seems divided about letting the batter rest first – I do if I have time!) and cook at 180ºC for 20-25 min..

Watch them rise!


Finished cooking!


Sausages with Yorkshire puddings and veg. I added a little gravy too after the photo was taken!


Our  4yo and I did some baking this afternoon as I’m off out to book club tonight! I have a new cookery book called Red Velvet Chocolate Heartache by Harry Eastwood and it’s amazing, the cakes I made today are orange squash cakes made with (freshly squeezed) orange juice and grated butternut squash! They have no butter in them so are very low fat and they are also gluten free as they are made with rice flour/ground almonds. She really enjoyed baking them with me!

Just out of the oven:


Cooled and decorated:


There just might possibly be 5 less now lol.. Even tbe children all really enjoyed them which is good!


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