Breakfast – poached eggs

4:30 start this morning.. They go through phases every now and again of getting up really early and at the moment they seem to be going through one of those phases! They’re always shortlived but it’s easy to say that retrospectively as at the time it seems forever!

Breakfast this morning was poached eggs, something I really love but don’t often make since we no longer have our own chickens. While it’s perfectly possible to make poached eggs with supermarket eggs (free range eggs are readily available at the roadside here from farms or people with chickens in a paddock who sell excess eggs but organic eggs can only be found in supermarkets) they’re just not as nice when the eggs aren’t super fresh (ie less than 4 days old). I used to love bringing eggs in while they were still warm and poaching them straight away – they were delicious!

Here’s this morning’s offering though,  served with a glass of diluted apple and mango juice!



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