Supper – Mexican lasagne!

We try to eat lots of new meals in this house, variety is important but it also gives the children diversity in the food they are eating, thereby hopefully broadening their tastes and range of food they’ll eat as an adult! I’ve long admired my sister in law who has always given her daughters food from different cultures – albeit it’s slightly easier to do when living near London as there is a greater range of restaurants!

Chilli is a bit of a favourite, when I was pregnant with our eldest I craved chilli in any form and would eat chilli-con-carne for days! Chilli, fajitas, guacamole, salsa – wasn’t fussy, as long as it had chilli in I was happy!

Tonight I made a Mexican lasagne. There are lots of recipes online but we had some leftover spag bol from last night as I’d made double the quantity and left out the red wine/green pesto. The leftovers were heated through and then transformed into chilli with kidney beans, sweetcorn and chilli powder!


Chilli con carne
Grated cheese

Warm the chilli through to make it easier to spread. Place a layer of chilli in the bottom of a round oven proof dish. Add a tortilla, trim off any excess. Add another layer of chilli and then tortilla. Make sure the top layer is chilli and then sprinkle on grated cheese


Put in the oven for 25 minutes at 180!


It smelt so good while it was cooking! I served it with homemade potato wedges and sweetcorn:


Everyone enjoyed it, my husband and I especially – definitely something we will make again!


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