French onion soup just isn’t French onion soup if you don’t have white wine.  I didn’t.  Rather, I thought I had, but it was red. Not really the same! A rummage through the fridge revealed lots of veg but out of the veg that wasn’t needed for meals there wasn’t really anything I fancied. I don’t buy much canned soup because homemade is quick,  easy, tastes good and has less salt. I cannot, however, make tomato soup as well as Heinz can so I’ve always got a can in the lader!


I used to make bread every day and loved it but fell out of the habit when we moved house last November.  I couldn’t knead bread just yet but will do in 3-5 weeks time so that’s something I want to get back into again! This is a part-baked demi-baguette from France that we get from Waitrose, yum!

I’ve finished making a crown for our middle child’s birthday, I make them one each year! She wanted a blue one with flowers on so that’s what I’ve made! Our eldest has asked for a yellow one with butterflies on 🙂 There’s a piece of elastic sewn in to the crown to keep it on her head!



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