So supper is often the most noisy meal of the day in our house. Tonight even more so because our 4 year old had a friend over from school, along with her mummy who is a very good friend of mine!

Fajitas is one of those “go to” meals we have. I read somewhere that most families have 8 suppers they rotate through and that they fall in to a rut only eating safe or familiar meals. We meal plan each week (for the benefit of the on-line shop!) so try to vary things but there are a couple of meals we have every week and fajitas is one of them!

I make ours very simply, cook some onion/peppers/courgettes in sunflower oil and sprinkle over chilli powder to taste. Spread guacamole on a tortilla (or brocamoli as our 4 year old has called it for over 2 years now!), add veg mix and top some sour cream/natural yogurt! Puddings are something we tend to have once or twice a week but I always try and so something if we have friends around. Tonight was pavlova, ideal for the small people as they get to get involved and make it too!


I think my appetite is still out of whack from the operation, I left two thirds of my second fajita and only managed two or three mouthfuls of the pavlova.

Daily visit to the lambs met with this little pickle who was playing king of the castle! So far it seems to have gone well for the farm manager in that every lamb that’s needed a new mummy (and vice versa) has had one, there haven’t been any hand reared ones yet!



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